Job Tickets

Job Tickets - WEB
Theory of operation

The Job Tickets system is a system where you can define webforms using Agent WEB and submit data posted on the webform to the tracking database. The JobTicket trigger of Agent can then start a workflow whenever a ticket has been submitted and read the data submitted on the form using the JobTicket plugin.

When you configure a ticket using Agent WEB you can configure the following:

Ticket name The name of the ticket
Ticket description A description of what the ticket is used for
Interactive Determines if Agent WEB will wait for a response whenever a new ticket is submitted . If a ticket is not "Interactive" the ticket will simply be submitted and the webform of Agent WEB will not show any response from Agent and will not wait for the ticket to be processed by Agent.

Each ticket can contain no, or one or more variables. Whenever a user selects a ticket, the webform will show the configured variables which the user can use to enter the required data. Once the ticket has been submitted, Agent can read and use this data.

Variables have the following format :

Variable type Textbox, Listbox, Dropdownlist, Checkbox & Checkboxlist
Variable name The internal variable name as it will be used by Agent.
Input caption The caption which will be displayed on the webform
Help text A help text that will be displayed on the webform after the inputbox of the variable

Using the "Feedback" option of the "JobTicket" plugin you can send messages back to the webform on Agent WEB.

When Agent has finished processing a ticket, use the "Close Ticket" option of the "JobTicket" plugin to remove the submitted ticket and signal the webform on Agent WEB that the ticket has been processed.

Typically the Job Ticket system can be used as follows :

- create a Job Ticket using "Ticket Management" on the "Admin" page of Agent WEB (you will need to have Administrator priviliges to do this)

- create a new workflow in Agent

- add the "JobTicket" trigger to the workflow and configure it to trigger on the Job Ticket you just created

- use the "JobTicket" plugin in the workflow to read data from ticket.

- use the "Feedback" option of the "JobTicket" plugin to send feedback back to the webform on Agent WEB (only valid for "Interactive" tickets)

- use the "Send File" option of the "JobTicket" plugin to make a file available on the webform on Agent WEB. Multiple files can be "send" to the webform using this option. These files can then be downloaded from the webform. Once a file is downloaded it will be automatically removed from the "available files" list.

- when the workflow is finished use the "Close Ticket" option of the "JobTicket" plugin to remove the submitted ticket and signal the webform of Agent WEB that Agent has finished processing the ticket. It's recommended to use the "Feedback" option of the "JobTicket" plugin to send a last message to the webform on Agent WEB

To submit a ticket to Agent: login to Agent WEB, select the ticket on the "Job Tickets" page. Enter the required data on the webform and click "Submit".

Listbox, Dropdownlist & Checkboxlist

Listbox, Dropdownlist and Checkboxlist variables can contain more then one value the user can select. The configuration of these variables uses the following format:


{option} is the text that is displayed in the listbox/dropdownlist
{value} is the value that is returned when the item is selected
{0/1} 0=item is not selected default, 1=item is selected default


NOTE: when using the Dropdownlist only one item can be configured to be selected default!

It's also possible to read the item values from a database table. This table must exist in the WEB database and must be configured as follows:


tablename is the name of the database table
columnname is the name of the column to read the data from (each row is one item and the format is the same as described earlier, empty rows are ignored).



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