Trigger that checks a messagequeue for syslog records which have been received from a Unix server.

The syslog daemon of Unix can forward (selected) syslog messages to a remote server. The "Integration Tool Syslog Daemon" service can act as a daemon which can receive these messages. This service will then send the received message to a Microsoft Message Queuing messagequeue. The Syslog-trigger can then be used in workflows to receive the messages from the messagequeue and if the message matches the configured filter the workflow will be started.

Note-1: to be able to use this trigger "Microsoft Message Queue" (default options) needs to be installed

Note-2: typically port 601 is used to receive the messages on, make sure you enable inbound access for this port in your firewall. If necessary you can change the port on the "Configuration\Advanced" page in the "Configuration Manager"

Note-3: the "Integration Tool Syslog Daemon" will create the required messagequeue everytime it starts and it will remove the messagequeue everytime it stops. Because the messagequeue is a so-called "private" queue and the "Integration Tool Daemons" which will be using the Syslog-trigger also need access to the messagequeue: make sure the "Integration Tool Syslog Daemon" is run with the same account as the "Integration Tool Daemons" (which use the Syslog-trigger).


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