FTP Hotfolder

Trigger::FTP Hotfolder

Trigger that checks if files matching the configured pattern (regular-expression) exist on the configured FTP/FTPS/SFTP server. If one or more matches are found the trigger will return "True".

This trigger will work the same as the hotfolder trigger; the workflow that contains the trigger will be run once for each matching file that is found by the trigger. The following variables will then be valid:

<FtpFilename> contains the filename of the current file
<FtpDirectory> contains the full directoryname of the current file
<FtpSubDir> contains the relative subdirectory in which the current file was found
<FtpQuickDownload> contains the quick-download-key that can be used in the "FTPquickDownload" plugin to download the file.

NOTE: requires "FTP" and "SecureFTP" pluginpack license.


Release notes