This plugin is comparable to most select-case functions in script- and programming languages and is really a number of If-Then statements combined. If the case-value configured in Case1 matches the value configured in "Select Case", the configured action of Case1 will be executed. Likewise for Case2, Case3 etc.. If no match is found, the "Else" action will be executed.
Select Case
The value that must be compared with all configured Case-values.
Case Sensitive
The comparison between the "Select Case" value and the "Case" values will be case-sensitive.
The value of one of 7 Case-values that must be compared with the "Select Case" value. If a value matches, the configured action will be executed.
Run Workflow
Run the configured workflow. Checking "Commands Only" will run the workflow with all the runtime properties of the current workflow. When "Commands Only" is not checked, the specified workflow will be run entirely, including the scanning and processing of the contents of the specified "hotfolder" of that workflow (if the workflow is a hotfolder workflow). When the workflow is finished executing the current workflow will resume.
Run Plugin
Run the configured plugin.
Run Script
Run the configured script.
Exit WorkflowScript
When checked, the workflow-script will be aborted after the SelectCase command.


Release notes