This plugin is comparable to most for-next functions in script- and programming languages. You specify a numerical start-value (From) and numerical end-value (To) and optionally a numerical Step. The loop will then be executed as long as the for-next value has not reached the "To" value. Every cycle the for-next value will be incremented by a value as specified by "Step". If no Step value is specifed, a value of 1 will be used.
Note that "Step" can also be a negative value, in which case the From-value has to be less then the To-value.

The content of the current for-next value is contained within the internal variable <ForNextValue>.
The start value of the for-next loop
The end value of the for-next loop. If this value has been reached the loop will end.
The value by which the for-next value will be incremented after each cycle. If empty, a default value of 1 is used.
Run Workflow
Run the configured workflow. Checking "Commands Only" will run the workflow with all the runtime properties of the current workflow. When "Commands Only" is not checked, the specified workflow will be run entirely, including the scanning and processing of the contents of the specified "hotfolder" of that workflow (if the workflow is a hotfolder workflow). When the workflow is finished executing the current workflow will resume.
Run Plugin
Run the configured plugin.
Run Script
Run the configured script.


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