Adobe InDesign Automation plugin to automate certain InDesign functionality. The plugin supports the use of the desktop-version of Adobe InDesign as well as the server-version.

Current functions:
PDF Export: export an InDesign document to PDF using an InDesign PDF-preset
EPS Export: export an InDesign document to EPS
Package: package the document to a folder

NOTE-1: the plugin will try to attach to an already running InDesign instance. If a running instance is found all documents that are opened by this instance will be automatically closed without saving any possible changes. If no running instance is found a new instance will be started.

NOTE-2: when running this plugin on an unattended server it is recommend to enable the "Keep InDesign Running in Background" option. This will keep InDesign active in the background which will greatly improve performance because there is not need to start/stop InDesign each time the plugin is executed.

NOTE-3: it is strongly recommended to put all the InDesignAutomation commands in one daemon. Running multiple parallel InDesignAutomation commands might produce unpredictable results!

InDesign document
The InDesign document use.
InDesign Engine
Select if the desktop- or the server version of Adobe InDesign must be used. When "Desktop" is selected you can configure if InDesign should be kept running in the background after the plugin has finished.
PDF Export
PDF preset
The InDesign PDF-preset that will be used to export the document to PDF. Click the "Import from InDesign" button to query InDesign for a list of available presets.
PDF output file
The name of the PDF output file.
EPS Export
EPS output file
The name of the EPS output file.
Output directory
The directory to which the document will be packaged. If "Keep InDesign Running in Background" is enabled, the InDesign instance will not be terminated but will be kept running.
Use the checkboxes to configure the different packaging options. See Adobe InDesign help for more information about these options.


Release notes