Download one or all files from the specified hostname using SSL. Optionally you can automatically remove the remote-file(s) after it is downloaded. Use regular-expression filters to select which files you wish to download.
FTPSdownload - FTP Server
The hostname or ip-address of the computer to connect to.
FTP username.
FTP password.
FTPS port (default is 990).
FTPSdownload - Source
Root path
Directory on the FTP server.
Include Subdirectories
When checked, files in subdirectories will be included.
Search Pattern
Filenames matching this regular-expression will be downloaded.
Process All Files
When checked, all matching files will be downloaded. When unchecked only the first file found will be downloaded.
FTPSdownload - Destination
Destination Folder
Directory to which the files will be downloaded.
If Local File Exists
How to proceed if the downloaded file already exists.
FTPSdownload - Options
Blocksize in bytes used for the transfer (default is 8192).
Time in seconds after which an FTP command will timeout.
Number of times the plugin will try to download a file when an error occurs.
Maximize the transfer rate to the specified kilobytes per second (0 is now limit).
When checked, passive-mode will be used.
Secure Passive
A PASV command is sent to the server and it responds with an address and port, but the connection is encrypted and there is an intermediate NAT router/firewall that cannot update the address (because it is encrypted). In this case (when SecurePassive is used) the endpoint address of the control connection is used instead of the one returned by the PASV command. This technique is only used when SecurePassive is set and the control connection is encrypted (if not encrypted, SecurePassive and Passive are equivalent).
AutoDelete Files
When checked, the file on the FTP server will be automatically deleted after is has been downloaded.
Remove Empty Directories
When checked, empty directories will be removed.
Keep Directory Structure
When checked, the directory structure on the FTP server will be replicated in the destination folder.
Transfer Mode
Transfer mode for download: Ascii or Image.
Character encoding .
Check Stabletime
When checked, the plugin will try to determine if the file on the FTP server is stable (unchanged). The file has to be unchanged for the specified number of seconds before it will be considered stable.
Create Logfile
When checked, a tracelog will be written to the specified file.
Send pre-command
Optionally send an ftp-command before downloading.
FTPSdownload - Security
Security Mode
Sets how the control connection is encrypted.
Security Protocol
Sets the protocol to use for the connection.
Encrypt Data
Sets whether the data connection is encrypted.
Ignore Name
When checked, if the hostname would normally be considered invalid, this will be ignored.
Check Certificate Revocation
When checked, the certificate revocation list is checked during authentication.
The certificate to use for optional client-side authentication.
FTPSdownload - Proxy
Proxy Type
Type of proxy-server to use. Options are None, Socks V4, Socks V5, Site Hostname, USER, OPEN, Pipe, HTTP Connect.
Hostname or ip-address of the proxy-server.
Port of the proxy-server.
Username to use for the connection with the proxy-server.
Password to use for the connection with the proxy-server.


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