Create a mailbox on Office365 (online). This plugin uses powershell and requires "Basic Authentication" to be enabled on the powershell IIS webservice.

Optionally a license can be assigned to the mailbox.

Tips on how to make this work:


You need to configure WinRM on the client to:
1. Allow unencrypted traffic
2. Trust the remote machine

The easiest way to to this is via the Local Group Policy user interface. To access it, hit the windows start button, type run, run the “run” program, this opens the famous “run” window (which is wired to the Windows Key + R shortcut), on the run window enter gpedit.msc . You’re now looking at the Local Group Policy user interface. In the tree view go to “Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Remote Management (WinRM) > WinRM Client” and configure the previously listed items.

Office365 Server Configuration
Office365 powershell URL

The URL which points to the powershell website of Office365.

Username to use for the "Basic Authentication" connection.
Password to use for the "Basic Authentication" connection.
Mailbox Configuration
The UserPrincipalName of the account.
Account name
The SamAccountName of the account.
Primary SMTP address
The SMTP email address which will be used as the primary SMTP address
License type
Optional license type that can be used to assign a license to the mailbox.
Usage Location
Optional usage location.
On-premise URL
The URL that points to the on-premise exchange server.
Remote routing address
The "remote routing address" of the Office365 mailbox.
Wait time
The time in seconds that the plugin will wait between assigning the license and enabling the mailbox. This is to make sure AD has synced with Office365.


Release notes