Receives mail using MS-Outlook. The regular Outlook-security is bypassed using extended-MAPI (no popups).

Note-1: Requires MS-Outlook to be installed!

Note-2: It is strongly recommended that Outlook is NOT running when the plugin is being executed! The plugin will create it's own instance of Outlook and having multiple instances running might result in unpredictable behaviour.

Note-3: Sometimes Outlook takes some time to quit even after the plugin has already finished. It is strongly recommended to wait for Outlook to be finished before executing the next OutlookReceiveMail command.

Save Message-data to...
The directory to which the data of the received message must be saved.
Message body filename
The filename which is used to save the message-body text to. When multiple messages are received, this filenames will automatically be numbered.
Save message to file
When checked, the message-body will be saved to the specified file.
Fetch Unread Mail Only
When checked, only unread mail will be retrieved.
Create Subdirectories...
When checked, each mail-data will be saved to a separate directory which is automatically created.
Save Attachments
When checked, attachments will be saved to the "Message-data" directory.
AutoDelete Mail Message
When checked, the processed message will automatically be deleted.
Mark Processed Message as Read
When checked, the processed messages will be marked as read.
Empty [Deleted Items]
When checked, the [Deleted Items] folder will automatically be emptied.

Optional filters to select which messages will be processed;

Sender Name
Only email which "Sender Name" matches the specified regular-expression will be processed.
Sender Email Address
Only email which "Sender Email Address" matches the specified regular-expression will be processed.
Only email which "Subject" matches the specified regular-expression will be processed.

Note: filters are regular-expressions.

Forward Messages
When enabled, the processed messages will also be forwarded to the specified recipients. Multiple recipients must be separated ny a ; character.
Outlook Setup
Outlook pProfile
If there are multiple Outlook profiles configured you can specify which profile is to be used in this OutlookReceiveMail session.
Note: if the selected profile would ask for a password in an interactive session, the same dialog will be displayed when the plugin is called!
Wait for Outlook to quit
When checked, once the receive-mail function is finished, the plugin will wait for Outlook to be terminated before quitting the plugin. This is because it can take some time for Outlook to shutdown and sometimes it doesn't shutdown at all.
OutlookReceiveMail will wait "timeout" seconds for Outlook to shutdown. If Outlook is still running after this time the Outlook proces will be terminated.
Default Inbox
When selected, the default Inbox will be used.
When selected, the specified folder will be used.


Release notes