Replaces all matching regular-expressions or normal strings in sourcefile with the specified replacement-strings and writes the result to the specified file or sourcefile.


The (ASCII) sourcefile that must be searched for the specified regular-expressions or strings.

Input Encoding
The encoding used for the Sourcefile.
Optional path/name of the outputfile to which the result of the search/replace function will be written if "Update Sourcefile" is unchecked.
Output Encoding
The encoding used for the Destinationfile.
Update Sourcefile
When checked, the sourcefile will be overwritten with the result of the search/replace function.
Use Normal String Comparison
When checked, normal string-comparison will used and not regular-expression matching.
Disable Verbose Logging
When checked, verbose logging is disabled.
Case Sensitive
When checked, the string-comparison is case-sensitive.
Use Entire File (not line-by-line)
When checked, will apply the replacement to the complete file contents as opposed to line-by-line.
Search String-1,4
Regular-expression or string that will be matched against each line of sourcefile to check if the line contains a match. If a match is found, the matching part will be replaced by "Replace String-1"
Replace String-1,4
The string that will replace all matching search strings.


Release notes