Converts a postscript/EPS file to a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Distiller.

Note-1: needs Adobe Acrobat Distiller to be installed.

Note-2: when the daemon is running as a service, depending on the privileges of the account which is used by this service, the PS2PDF plugin might malfunction with the error-message "Method ~ of Object ~ failed". If this happens the service-account probably does not have enough priviliges.

Postscript source file

The postscript/EPS-file that must be converted to PDF.

Delete Postscript file...
When checked, will delete the postscript-file after successful conversion.
PDF output file
The path/name of the PDF outputfile.
Distiller Joboptions
The JobOptions that must be used to convert the postscript-file to PDF. If left empty, the default options will be used (=last used Distiller options).
Show Progress Window
When checked, will display the Distiller progress window.
Show Distiller Messages
When checked, the Distiller messages will be logged.
Always Save Logfile
When selected, will always save a logfile of the conversion proces ({filename}.log).
Save Logfile On Error
When selected, will only save a logfile of the conversion proces when an error was encountered.


Release notes