Exports a document to a PDF file using Microsoft Word.

Note-1: Requires Microsoft Word to be installed! (2007 or later)

Note-2: Because the export uses your default printer, the papersize capabilities of this printer determine what is possible for ExportDOC2PDF. If for instance your default printer doensn't support A5 format and you set the "Paper Size" option to A5 you will get an error during the export. For this reason you can select which printer to use. The plugin will temporarily change the default printer to the configured printer and after the export the original default printer setting is restored.
Word file
The document to export.
PDF output file
The PDF output file.
Use Printer
Optional printer (driver) to use for the export. If "[Default]" is selected the current default printer will be used.
From Page, To Page
Optional page-range to be used for the export. Only the pages within the range will be exported.
Include Document Properties
If enabled, the document properties of the Excel file (like author) will also be exported to the PDF document info.
Create Bookmarks
If enabled, the Word bookmarks will be included in the PDF file.
Always Overwrite
When checked, will overwrite the outputfile if it already exists.
Auto Create Directories
When checked, will automatically create all directories of the outputfile.
Paper Size
The papersize of the PDF output file.
The orientation of the PDF output file (unchanged, portrait or landscape).
The quality of the PDF output file (normal or minimum).


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