Download one or more files from another (remote) Omniphlex server.

This plugin requires and uses the secure (compressed and SSL encrypted) "remote-control" service.

Remote computername {:port}
The name or ip-address of the other Omniphlex server from which the file(s) must be downloaded. Optionally the remote-control port can be configured. When omitted, the default remote-control port is used.
Filetransfer password
The "File Transfer Password" as set on the other Omniphlex you want to upload the file to.

File(s) on remote computer to download

The file(s) on the other computer that must be downloaded. Use DOS wildcards (* and ?) to download multiple files.

Delete remote file(s) after download
Enable to automatically delete the remote file(s) after they have been successfully downloaded.
Output file/directory on local computer
The full path to which the file must be downloaded. When downloading multiple files, this must be a directory and not a file.
This will overwrite the destination if it already exists.
Auto Create Directories
This will automatically create the output-directory (or any part of it) if it does not exist.


Release notes