Sign a file using HMAC-SHA256-128.

File to sign
The file to sign.
Skip last line when empty
When checked, the last line will be skipped if it's empty.

Encryption key

The (secret) key to use for TK99 (tamper protection record).

Signed file

The output file which will contain the seal together with the original file.

Put TK99 at bottom of signed file

If enabled, the TK99 record will be placed at the bottom (last line) of the signed file.

Include TPR in MAC

If enabled, the TPR record will be included in the MAC.

Run in Test Mode

If enabled, the output will be formatted for specific use with the HMAC test website.

Encoding Method

Default: default encoding
Nordea: Nordea encoding
BGC: BGC encoding

Save MAC to variable

Optionally the calculated MAC can be saved to a variable.

Date-based encryption key

Can be used to use specific encryption-keys which may only be used during a specific timeframe.


Release notes