Copy date from an existing recordset or run a query on the input handle and copy the data to another table/database using SqlBulkCopy.

Useful for copying large amounts of data.

Input Configuration
Handle to a preset database or a recordset that contains data.
Use Data From Input Handle
If enabled, the data from the recordset of the "Input handle" will be used.
Load Querires From File
Optional file which contains the queries that must be executed.
If "Use Data From Input Handle" is not enabled this query will be execute on "Input Handle".
Output Configuration
The preset handle to the output database to which the data must be copied.
The name of the table to which the data must be copied.
Truncate Table
If enabled, the data in the output table will be truncated before the new data is being copied.
Create/Replace Table
If enabled, the output table will be automatically created based on the schema of the input data.
Force Datatype to
The datatype to use when (re)creating the table.
The timeout in seconds for the bulk-copy function.
Batch Size
Number of rows in each batch. At the end of each batch, the rows in the batch are sent to the server.
If enabled, SqlBulkCopy reads the data using sequential access, optimizing memory usage by using the datareader streaming capabilities. If disabled, the complete input data is loaded into memory before sending it to SQL Server.
Show Progress
If enabled, display a progres message in the log after each 'Batch Size' number of copied rows.


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