Output the contents of the recordset which is referenced by "Source Handle" to the database that is referenced by "Destination Handle". The column-names of the source-recordset will be used to name the columns of the output-table. If appending to an existing table, make sure this has the same columns as the source-recordset.

Optionally, if the "source handle" is a recordset that contains multiple tables, the "Output all tables in dataset" option can be used to proces all the tables in the recordset.

Optionally the queries that would be used to DROP/CREATE/INSERT the table/records can be saved to a file.

The "Internal Translation Table" is used to perform character-translation on the source-data before it is output to the database-table. The combobox contains a list of tables which are available in the INTERNAL-database. The structure of a "Translation Table" has to be as follows;

Column-type Description
Integer Order in which the translation will take place
yes/no enable or disable record
Memo The string in the source-data that must be translated to outString
Memo The replacement-string
Text Optional description-field

Use [Chr(nnn)] to specify specific ascii-codes and [CrLf] for carriage-return-linefeed.

Source Handle
Name of the handle which references the desired source-recordset.
Output all tables in dataset
When checked, all tables in "source handle" will be processed.
Destination Handle
Name of the handle that references the desired output-database.
Destination Table
The name of the output table.
Create/Replace Table
If selected, will create a new table (old table is dropped).
Append Existing Table
If selected, will append the data of the source-recordset to the specified table.
NOTE: the table must have the same columns (names) as the source-recordset!.
Truncate Table
When checked, the table will first be truncated (emptied).
Force Datatype To
Allows you to force the datatype of the columns of the destination table to the specified type. When "[Source Type]" is specified, the destination columns will have the same datatype as the source columns.
Insert NULL for empty values
If enabled, a NULL value will be inserted whenever a value is empty. If disabled, an empty string will be inserted.
Trim Spaces
If enabled, all leading and trailing spaces will be removed from the data values.
Save queries to file
Optional filename to which all queries that will be executed by the plugin will be saved.
Only save queries to file
If enabled, the queries will not be executed, only saved to the configured file.
Put Recordnumber in Column
If a column name is specified then this column will be used to store the current record-number.
Recordnumber Start
Startvalue of recordnumber.
Internal Conversion Table
The name of the table that is to be used to apply character-translation during the output of the data from the recordset to the table in the output-database.
Replace Column Name Characters
When checked, all characters of the column names that match any of the specified characters will be replaced by an underscore.
Put column names in [ ]
When checked, all column names will be enclosed by brackets [ ] in the queries.


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