Imports 2-dimensional data from a JSON file or webpage to a recordset.

Parse the JSON data to select the path from which to import the data from. Because the data is imported into a recordset (datatable) the plugin can only import 2-dimonsional data.

Use the "Select the node to import from" view to select the path from which the data will be imported. This must be the path that contains the records that you want to import.

JSON file
The filename to import the JSON data from.
JSON Parser
Use this to browse the JSON data (in a treeview) and select the rootnode that contains the records you want to import.
Import root path
The root of the tree to import.
Save data to recordset
The name of the recordset to which the data must be imported. The recordset will be automatically created with the correct columns (based on the JSON data)..
Table name
Optional tablename used to store the data in the recordset.


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