The ExportTable plugin supports two functions:

Export Table
Export the contents of a table
Export SQL Statement
Create a SQL-statement to create a table and/or its indexes

Export Table:
Export data from a database-table using "RecordSet Export" or "BCP".

In "BCP-mode" the BCP utility is used which is must faster then the internal "RecordSet Export". However, BCP needs to be available to be able to use this option. BCP is part of an SQL-server or client installation.

Optionally a query can be used to select the data, in which case the data is not exported from the table.

Export SQL Statement:
Create SQL-statements to create the selected table and/or create an SQL-statement to create the indexes of the table. You can configure a regular-expression filter to select which of the indexes of the table should be exported to the SQL-statement.
Export Table

DSN / Server

RecordSet Mode: DSN (ODBC) or SQLserver which points to the database.
BCP Mode: Name of the database-server.

Username for database connection.
Password for database connection.
Database name for ODBC connection. Not valid in BCP-mode.
Trusted Connection
BCP option. When checked a trusted-connection is established with the database-server and no username & password is required.
Disable Logging
When checked, all BCP logging is discarded.
Timeout in seconds. If BCP is still running after the configured number of seconds it is assumed to hang and the BCP proces will be killed!
When checked, the table is exported in "BCP-mode" which requires the BCP utility. When unchecked the table is exported in "RecordSet-mode" which doesn't require any external utilities.
The name of the table from which the data must be exported.
Use Query
When enable, the configured query will be used to select the data to export.
The delimiter character(s) which separates the field-data.

Note: in "Native Mode (bcp)" delimiter is not required/used.
The datafile to which the table contents will be exported. Existing files will be overwritten, except if the "Append" option is checked (only in RecordSet-mode).
When checked, the inpufile is assumed to be in "native BCP format". Only valid for BCP-mode
When checked, the exported data will be appended to the outputfile. Only valid for "RecordSet-mode".
Export SQL Statement
ODBC / SQLserver

The driver to use to connect with the database.

Name of the table to be exported.
Index name filter
Only indexes which names match this regular-expression filter will be exported.
Only Create if Table/Index Not Exist
If enabled, the statement will include an "IF NOT EXIST ...." clause to only create the table/index if it doesn't exist.
Create-Table Statement
If enabled, the "CREATE TABLE..." statement to create the selected table will be saved to the selected variable.
Create-Index Statement
If enabled, the "CREATE INDEX..." statement to create the indexes of the selected table will be saved to the selected variable.
Include "IF (NOT) EXIST..."
If enabled, the statement will include an "IF (NOT) EXIST .... (DROP {table|index})" clause..


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