Save the contents of an Excel worksheet to a recordset handle.

The data of the worksheet can be processed in two different ways: "Export Sheet to Handle" and "Export Sheet to Pivot Handle"

Export Sheet to Handle
straightforward export of the sheet data to a recordset without any special processing
Export Sheet to Pivot Handle

special "pivot" handling of the data. The recorset will contain the following columns in which the data will be saved:

Xaxis, Yaxis, CellValue, Filename, CreationDate

Excel file
The Excel workbook file.

Sheet Name

The Excel worksheet name. If left empty the default sheet will be used.


The export-function to use.

Output Handle

The name of the output recordset.

Skip first row

If enabled, the first row of the worksheet will not be included in the export.

Use row 'n' for column names

If enabled, the data of the configured row will be used for the column names. If disabled, the columns will be named "Col1", "Col2", etc...

Insert NULL when value is empty

If enabled, a NULL value will be inserted into the recordset whenever a cell is empty. If disabled, an empty string will be inserted.


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