Active Directory::ADinfo


Read the User-, Contact or Group-Information from an ActiveDirectory-Domain or list all members of the specified container (group) and save to the recordset referenced by "Handle".

Optionally you can specify an Organizational Unit. Use format: OU=OUname1, OU=OUname2, ...

With the "Get User Information" and "Get Contact Information" option it's possible to specify a list of Active Directory Properties which will be included in the result. Note that there is a different list of properties for users and contacts!


The handle of the recordset to which the information must be saved.


The fully qualified Active Directory domain name. If "Local Machine" is checked this will be set to "RootDSE" which specified the domain the local machine is a member of.

Organizational Unit
Optional value which specifies the Organizational Unit which contains the specified group. If left empty the group will be created in the default "Users".
Optionally apply an extra filter to the results of the query

See 'Searching Active Directory' for more information about the syntax..
Load Property List
Loads the properties from the "ActiveDirectoryEdit.Config" or "ActiveDirectoryContact.config" file (depending on if "Get User Information" or "Get Contact Information" is selected). Properties that are already in the list will not be overwritten/reset by the properties that are loaded from the file.


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