Active Directory::ADcreateGroup


Create a group on an Active Directory domain.

The main installation directory should contain a file named "ActiveDirectoryEdit.Config" which contains the Active Directory propery-values that can be used by the plugin. Each line contains one property and has the following format:


{groupname} can be used to group different properties together
{description} is the description of the property
{propertyname} is the actual exact name of the Active Directory property that must be set

NOTE: requires LDAP compatible machine (like Windows 2003,2008)

Active Directory - ADcreateGroup

The fully qualified Active Directory domain name. If "Local Machine" is checked this will be set to "RootDSE" which specified the domain the local machine is a member of.

Windows 2008: compatible with windows 2003/2008 servers
Windows 2012: compatible with windows 2012 servers

Optional. The username to use to connect with the server.
Optional. The password to use to connect with the server.
Organizational unit
Optional value which specifies the Organizational Unit which contains the specified group. If left empty the group will be created in the default "Users".
Group name
The name of the group that must be created.
Group description
Optional description of the group.
Group Scope
The scope of the group.
Group Type
The type of the group.


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