Preset Databases

Preset Databases

Preset databases are database-handles which have been configured in the Configuration Manager and which can be used in all commands that use handles. When, for instance, you select a preset-database handle in the OpenDatabase command you don't need to setup all properties of that database, because these have already been configured in the setup of the preset-database. When using a preset-database handle in the QueryDatabase command you can run realtime queries on the database and get information about tables and columns which can be used to create the queries.

Databases that are only valid for the current daemon are listed in "Databases". Databases that are valid for all daemons are listed in "Shared".

Five System databases always exists: LOGGING, INTERNAL, PAIRING, REMOTECONTROL and TRACKING.
The LOGGING database is used for the "Log to Database" functionality.
The INTERNAL database is used for specific functionality (like string replacement using the "Conversion Table").
The PAIRING database is used by the Pairing mechanism.
The TRACKING database is used by the Tracking mechanism.
The REMOTECONTROL database is for future use.


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