On the Workflow-tab you can create/edit the Workflow Diagram. The Workflow Diagram contains all the commands that will be executed by the workflow. The starting point of the workflow is always the "Start" icon. Simply click the "Start" icon and drag an arrow to the first command/icon you want to execute in the workflow. Adding more commands to the workflow is as simple as adding more commands from the "Command Library" to the Workflow Diagram and connecting them to other commands by dragging new arrows.

The Diagram Navigator is a smaller representation of the Workflow Diagram and always contains the entire workflow. If your workflow becomes to big and doesn't fit completely in the Workflow Diagram you can use the Diagram Navigator to easily set the focus of the Diagram to another part.

The Workflow Info section can contain free text which you can use to describe the workflow. Syntax-highlighting is automatically applied to specific texts like workflow names, plugin names and variables.

The Plugin Properties contains propery values of the selected plugin or commentbox. Click on a command or commenbox to display it's properties. Properties can also be changed here but be very careful when changing plugin-properties because possible options may not always be clear and incorrect settings may cause problems.

Using the "View" menu the "Workflow Info", "Plugin Properties" and "Diagram Navigator" can be displayed or hidden.

Arranging the icons
The icons in the Workflow Diagram can ofcourse be positioned manually but it's also possible to automatically (re)arrange all icons; simply use the arrange buttons in the toolbar or right-click an icon in Diagram and choose the desired option from the "Arrange From Here" menu. The difference between the toolbar icons and the contextmenu options is that when the toolbar icons are used the Diagram will always be rearranged from the "Start" position and when using the "Arrange From Here" option all connected icons below the selected icon will be rearranged.

All icons in the Diagram can have their own unique tooltip which is displayed when the mouse hovers for a short time above the icon. The edit the tooltip right-click the icon and select "Edit Tooltip".

Comment Boxes
Comment Boxes can be used to add rectangles to the Diagram and can contain free text. See the "Comment Boxes" section for more information.


Release notes