Comment Boxes

Comment Boxes
Comment Boxes can be used to add boxes to the Diagram which can contain free text. To create a Comment Box first right-click somewhere in the Workflow Diagram and enable "Draw CommentBoxes" in the contextmenu. Note that the "Draw CommentBoxes" option will now be enabled and as long as it is enabled, when you left-click and drag the mouse in the Workflow Diagram you will create Comment Boxes. To enable the normal selection-option of "left-click & drag" again, uncheck the "Draw CommentBoxes" option.

To edit the text of a Comment Box double-cick it.

You can change some parameters of the Comment Box by right-clicking it. The same parameters can be changed using the "Command Box Properties".

Connecting Comment Boxes to icons
You can connect a Comment Box to a command-icon by drag a connection from the Comment Box to the command-icon.