General Options

General Options
Show File Queues
By clicking the "Show File Queues" button in the main toolbar extra information will be displayed in the workflow list window; for all Hotfolder-workflows the number of files that are in the configured hotfolder will be displayed (like: Queue=10). If the configured hotfolder is a variable "Queue=???" will be displayed.
Manage Services
Using the "Manage Services" option the Integration Tool services can be managed; started, stopped, restarted. Also the description of the service can be changed by right-clicking the service and selecting "Change Description".

Manage Backups

When "Auto Backup" is enabled, each time the configuration is saved a backup is made to the "Backup Directory". The number of backups that are saved is based on the "Keep n Generations" setting.

Using the right-click contextmenu the description of a backup can be changed and a backup can also be protected. Protected backups will never be overwritten and must be manually deleted.

To restore a backup simply right-click the desired backup and select "Restore" from the contextmenu.

Search Workflows

With "Search Workflows" you can use a regular-expression to search all workflows. For every ini that contains a match for this regular-expression an entry is created in the Search Workflows window. To open an ini-file right-click it in the list and select "Open Configuration" from the contextmenu.

Web Update

The "Web Update" can automatically check for updates. If "AutoCheck" is enabled Web Update will check every 7 days if there is an update. If an update is available you will be alerted to this and you will be able to download the update. The update will always consist of a complete setup-package.


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